Coalition party renegades form new party

A group of rebels from the Agreement party, a junior member of Poland's United Right ruling coalition, will form a new party, a spokesman for the new grouping said on Thursday.

The organisation, called the Republican Party, could complicate matters for the United Right, which has suffered from division and internal squabbling in recent months.

Kamil Bortniczuk, a former Agreement MP, told the portal that one of the new party's founders will be Adam Bielan, a prominent Agreement member expelled from the party in February after attempting to oust its leader and current deputy prime minister Jaroslaw Gowin from his post.

On February 4 Bielan proclaimed himself head of Agreement, arguing that Gowin's term in the chair had expired in 2018. On the following day a party committee expelled him from the grouping.

Bortniczuk, who took Bielan's side in the conflict and was also expelled, said the Republican Party was planning a convention within the next two weeks.

He added that the convention will lay down the party's programme and review the government's Polish New Deal, a post-pandemic revival programme, to which it planned to add some of its own proposals.

"Within two weeks there will be a very large event in Warsaw. It will be... a policy sitting, during which we will devote much of it to the New Deal, which we will want to alter with our own proposals. All this will happen still in June," Bortniczuk said.