Coalition party calls for Sikorski's suspension over pipeline comment

Tytus Żmijewski/PAP

A party belonging to Poland's ruling United Right coalition has called on opposition leader Donald Tusk to suspend or expel former foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski over a tweet he posted suggesting the US may have sabotaged Russian gas pipelines under the Baltic.

MPs from Solidary Poland, the party, said Western civilisation and Nato could not tolerate politicians like Sikorski.

On Wednesday, the former foreign minister, who is now an MEP for Civic Platform, Poland's main opposition party, tweeted an image of gas escaping from the Nord Stream pipeline in the Baltic Sea with the comment: "Thank you, USA."

Gas leaks from two pipelines were spotted on Monday by the Danish Air Force. The leaks occurred at a single site in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline southeast of the Danish island of Bornholm and at two sites on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to the island's north.

Jacek Ozdoba, a deputy climate minister and Solidary Poland member, said that the West "must speak with a single voice" on matters of security and helping Ukraine.

"And Radoslaw Sikorski certainly does not stand where the Polish government stands, that's why Solidary Poland firmly requests that (former) Prime Minister Donald Tusk, and the whole of Civic Platform (PO), at the very least suspends or expels the pest that is Radoslaw Sikorski," Ozdoba said, adding that his party had expected such a move from PO for some time. He also said Sikorski's political path and intentions should be thoroughly reviewed.

Mariusz Kaluzny, and MP from Law and Justice, the dominant party in the United Right, said Sikorski's tweet had been widely used and cited by the Russians, including state news agency RIA Novosti and the Telegram messaging app as well as by Russian politicians, and that Sikorski should be held accountable.

"By posting such a tweet, Radoslaw Sikorski, as a former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as a politician of PO's top rank, should know perfectly well what the reaction would be to his actions," Kaluzny said. "Today it is about Polish national interests but also about clarifying what the causes were, what intentions Radoslaw Sikorski himself had in sending that type of tweet. We call on Donald Tusk to... comment on these words and to suspend Radoslaw Sikorski or strike him off the PO members' list."