CO2 emission reduction a global obligation - Polish PM

The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is a global commitment, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Tuesday during the UN climate summit in Katowice (COP24).

"We are meeting in Katowice to secure living conditions for our children and grandchildren who will be affected by the decisions that we make today," said Morawiecki during the summit's Global Climate Action panel. "We, Europeans, are especially obliged to set out innovative routes, to care for the climate," the PM added.

The PM noted that the global economy creates challenges that require global solutions. "Our beacon in finding appropriate solutions is the economy," he pointed out. According to the PM, it is states that play a key role in solving problems related to climate change.

"What is most pleasing is the fact that mayors, NGOs and businesses all over the world are becoming more and more involved in our Polish initiative of electromobility. Nearly a third of the population, (...) as well as 1,500 various organisations, cities and non-governmental organisations are involved (in this imitative). This is indeed a global initiative," he said.

Morawiecki also noted that Poland is among the leaders in taking action to halt global warming. "This is evidenced by the results we have achieved in reducing emissions; especially by through raising the afforestation level, as well as support for the process of international climate negotiations," added the PM.

The UN climate summit in Katowice was dominated on Tuesday by the electromobility issue.