Chromosomes determine one's gender says ruling party leader

Artur Reszko/PAP

The leader of Poland's ruling party, the conservative Law and Justice (PiS), has downplayed demands for more freedom in determining one's gender.

"There is a faction that wants to fight us and, even if there was bitter fighting on Poland's borders, they would still, first of all, strive to have it acknowledged in Poland that everyone on their own can determine whether they are a 'Peter' or a 'Sophie', and then change this on a daily basis and then once again," Jarosław Kaczyński said at a meeting with supporters in Białystok, northeastern Poland.

"Let's use common sense," he added.

"We possess an elementary knowledge of biology, and we know that gender is determined at the chromosome level and that, in fact, there are cases… one in a thousand, in which a person can be uncertain," said Kaczyński. "And such people must be helped and, in extreme cases, an operation may need to be performed."

He pointed out that "this does not mean that after this procedure a man will be a woman or a woman be a man."

The ruling party leader added that he was "not against helping those people who have had such a misfortune." "Fads come and go, but a nation endures."