Choca-block: Truck covers Polish motorway in melted chocolate


A lorry carrying 12 tonnes of liquid chocolate lost its load after overturning on a Polish motorway. 

Footage of the incident went viral after the tanker crashed through a barrier in west Poland and flooded the A2 motorway with the sweet, sticky liquid. 

Traffic in both directions came to a standstill for several hours. 

Rescue officials said the clean-up operation was made more difficult as the liquid chocolate was quickly solidifying. Strong jets of hot water were employed after heavy machinery failed to make a dent in the cooling mass. 

“Even oil stains are quicker and easier to remove than smeared chocolate,” Bogdan Kowalski from the Słupca Fire Brigade said. 

However, Robert Górny, who was also involved in the operation told local media that the clean-up wasn’t too difficult. “The smell of chocolate makes you sleepy, but overall it’s a pleasant job,” he said. 

The driver of the truck, which overturned on a stretch of road between the towns of Września and Słupca, was taken to hospital with minor injuries.