Change of US president will not disrupt military cooperation - MoD

Jakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP

The shift from a Trump to a Biden White House will not disrupt Polish-American military cooperation, Poland's defence minister said on Friday.

Mariusz Blaszczak said that he had heard many times during talks with both Republican and Democratic party representatives that cooperation is extremely important for the security of Europe.

"The change of the US president will not disrupt cooperation," Blaszczak told a local radio broadcaster. "I know that because during my visits to Washington I have always met with congressmen representing both parties: Republican and Democrat. From the mouths of representatives of both parties I have always heard the same message: 'that Polish-American military cooperation is extremely important for the security of Europe, the whole flank of Nato.' Furthermore, it is said 'for the security of the whole free world’."

Blaszczak added that his conviction was confirmed after talks that took place during the inauguration of the command centre of the 5th Corps of Land US Forces in the western city of Poznan.

"At that inauguration American commanders were present and I heard from them that we will continue cooperation on ensuring security," he said.

The defence minister went on to say that the TUMAK-20 exercises that are taking place in north-eastern Poland are aimed at enhancing the cooperation of alliance forces.

"Soldiers of the United States, Great Britain, Romania and Croatia together with soldiers of the Polish Army and particularly the 15 Mechanised Brigade, exercise continuously," he said.

America's General Services Administration said on Monday evening that Joe Biden was the winner of the US presidential election. In procedural terms, this paves the way for the president-elect's team to formally begin the process of taking power from the current administration.