Central Transportation Port needed for military mobility says minister

Poland’s planned Central Transportation Hub (CPK) will also have a military role as it could facilitate the quick transfer and deployment of troops in an emergency, a deputy infrastructure minister has said.

Consisting primarily of a brand-new international airport, the CPK will also serve as a transit hub integrating air, rail and road traffic between Warsaw and the central city of Lodz. In its first phase, it should service 45 million passengers a year, but its capacity could eventually rise to 100 million.

The first flights from the CPK can be expected in 2027, and the airport should become fully operational by the end of that year.

"The CPK, according to General Hodges and Polish generals, is extremely significant also for the military," Marcin Horala, who is also a government commissioner for the CPK, told Polsat News a private television programme on Tuesday.

Former US Army commander Ben Hodges recently told PAP that the CPK would bring not only economic benefits to Poland, but also improve security in the region by facilitating the quick transfer of troops. He added that the planned new hub was what Nato needed in terms of military mobility.

According to Hodges, Russia's attack on Ukraine shows that what is needed are investments that will improve the rapid response infrastructure on Nato's eastern flank.

Horala said that most funds for the CPK project "are the means offered by the EU for railways and by private investors as well as banks for the airport's construction."