Central Polish city of Łódź to celebrate 22nd Judaism Day

A special service celebrated by Łódź metropolitan bishop Grzegorz Ryś and Łódź rabbi Dawid Szychowski and a conference in the city's Marek Edelman Dialogue Centre will mark the 22nd Judaism Day on January 17.

Archbishop Ryś encouraged participation in the Judaism Day observations in a film aired on the Łódź Archdiocese website.

"Today we need a strong sign which changes the past, turns it around. In order for that which was bad in our history never to be repeated, we must meet together before God and pray together for unity and peace in the world. Come, let us be together," Ryś said in the film.

The motto of the observations will be a passage from the 8th century BC Hebrew prophet Hosea: "I will not come to destroy."

On the eve of the observations an exhibition devoted to early 20th century Polish-Jewish artist Artur Szyk will open in the Łódź Cathedral.