Business service centres take over as Polish export leader - press

In terms of export value, service centres have overtaken automotive parts and furniture producers as Poland's main export, with a growth dynamic higher than the increase in jobs, the Puls Biznesu daily wrote on Monday.

The paper reported that the modern business service sector already caught up with mining several years ago as far as the number of jobs was concerned and was closing in on the automotive sector, but has now started a new phase of its development.

"Last year's analysis by (consultancy firm - PAP) EY shows that the modern business service sector produces PLN 64.4 billion (EUR 14.5 billion), or 3 percent of Polish GDP," Wojciech Poplawski, Vice-President of ABSL (Association of Business Service Leaders) told the paper. "In this year's report, which will be published on June 16 during the ABSL Digital Forum, we have concentrated among others on exports."

"In 2019, the export value of modern business services stood at USD 19.8 billion," Dr Tomasz Brodziski, a professor at the University of Gdansk and an ABSL consultant, told Puls Biznesu. "In 2009, it was USD 5 billion so over 11 years the average annual dynamic exceeded 20 percent. Over the same time, the average rate of growth in employment stood at 10.1 percent. Modern business services have started to be Poland's specialist export."

According to the daily, the export value of modern business services is higher than erstwhile Polish export leaders - automotive parts (USD 16.2 billion), furniture (USD 12.3 billion) meat products (USD 7.7 billion) and white goods (USD 6.9 billion).