Bundestag grants EUR 0.5 mln to save palace in northern Poland

The Bundestag has awarded the Polish-German Foundation for the Protection of Cultural Monuments with EUR 0.5 mln grant for the renovation of the palace in Sztynort, northern Poland, the foundation's head Wojciech Wrzecionkowski told PAP on Thursday.

Wrzecionkowski added that the foundation, which looks after the palace in Sztynort, wants to raise even more funds for its renovation from Norway Grants.

The palace in Sztynort is the most important East Prussian palace. Situated on the peninsula separating the Mamry, Kirsajty and Dargin lakes, the palace, from the 15th century until the winter of 1945, was the main seat of the Lehndorffs, one of the finest families of Prussian nobility.

Over the past decades, the building has been falling into ruin. In 2009, the palace, in poor condition, was taken over from a private company by the Polish-German Foundation for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, which established a company to manage the historical building.

Since then, the company has renovated the roof and strengthened the ceilings of the palace, thus protecting it from collapsing. The money for the work also came from the Bundestag and from the Lehndorff family.

Wrzecionkowski stressed that the regional authorities have not given any money to save the palace in Sztynort.

The Foundation wants the renovated palace to house the East Prussian nobility museum, to which the Lehndorff family wants to donate the original furnishings from the former palace. Part of the palace is to be used as a hotel.