Bulgarian news agency head Maxim Minchev dies at 67


Maxim Minchev, director-general of the Bulgarian news agency BTA, passed away in hospital on Sunday, at the age of 67, after getting infected with COVID-19.

The sad news was sent to PAP by the Secretary general of the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA), Alexandru Ion Giboi.

Minchev had been at the helm of BTA for the past 17 years. Born on June 5 1953 in Sofia, Minchev graduated in journalism from Lviv University, completed a course in education at the Georgi Rakovski Military Academy and from 1993 to 1996 was a NATO Fellow at the Alliance’s headquarters in Brussels.

While working as a journalist at Bulgarian national radio and Radio Free Europe he conducted many interviews with top world leaders. In 2003, he was appointed director-general of BTA. In 2016, he was elected secretary-general of the News Agencies World Congress, president of the Association of Balkan News Agencies– Southeast Europe and president of the Black Sea Association of National News Agencies. During his term in BTA, he was a promoter of free journalism and made several notable improvements to the Bulgarian agency's activity.

Minchev also initiated annual meetings of Bulgarian expatriate media from around the world, for which he was very appreciated by the Bulgarian diaspora.

He authored numerous books, including about his frequent travels.

“Maxim was always one to look to the future with optimism. A one-of-a-kind good man, full of life and happiness and love for the world. We lose a great friend, and a very important voice of the EANA community, always pleading for balance, equality and evolution,” Giboi wrote in a condolence message.