Briton detained while trying to leave Poland with forged Covid-19 test

A Covid-19-positive British citizen has been detained at the Lodz airport after trying to fly out of the country on a doctored coronavirus test certificate.

The 39-year-old Briton was detained by Border Guard agents while trying to depart for Nottingham, England, on Monday with a certificate on which he had changed the positive status to negative.

The Briton has been accused of creating an epidemiological threat, spreading a contagious disease and forging a document, and, if found guilty, faces a prison term of six months to eight years.

He could also, however, be expelled from the country after a period in closed detention centre.

The man, who has not been named for legal reasons, arrived in Poland three days earlier with a Covid-19 vaccination certificate, which had released him from an obligatory stint in quarantine, but he was required to perform a test before returning to Great Britain.

"The result of the test was positive. The Briton, as he stated, decided to forge the document changing 'positive' into 'negative,' in order to board a plane," a spokeswoman for the Border Guard announced.

By trying to board the aircraft, the Polish authorities said, the man posed a real threat to the health and life of over 200 people, including passengers and airport staff.