British mutation accounts for 30 percent of Poland's Covid infections

Leszek Szymański/PAP

The highly-contagious “British” variant of the coronavirus has been spreading across Poland and is now responsible for 30 percent of infections, the health ministry spokesman has said.

Speaking to private TV news channel TVN24, Wojciech Andrusiewicz said the average daily infection rate will reach about 15,500 this week.

Poland reported 17,260 new infections on Wednesday. Andrusiewicz said it was "the biggest number since the start of the third wave" of the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the infection dynamic "is slightly slowing down," he added.

"We're estimating growth at 25 percent today,” he said. “The day before yesterday it was 29 percent and just one week ago it was over 30 percent."

Andrusiewicz also quoted the Health Ministry's estimates showing that the third wave of the pandemic will peak "at the end of March or early April."

He also warned that if the infection rate grows to 28,000-30,000 cases, the Polish health service "will slowly cease to be efficient."

Last autumn, Poland’s health service had to contend with infection rates reaching 27,000.