British combat aircraft arrive in Poland

Mariusz Błaszczak/X

British Royal Air Force Typhoon multirole combat aircraft are already in Poland, Mariusz Blaszczak, the Polish defence minister, said on Monday.

The Typhoon can be used in an air-to-air role or used as a ground-attack aircraft, and has previously served in air-policing roles over the Baltic.

"There are already Typhoon fighters of the Royal Air Force in Poland. British pilots, together with our F-16 pilots, will patrol Polish airspace. This is the result of my talks with the British Minister of National Defence. Together we care for safety!" Blaszczak posted on X.

Earlier, British media reported on the Typhoons being sent to Poland with the ‘The Mirror’ newspaper saying that "Defence Secretary Grant Shapps authorised the deployment of four, fearsome 1,500mph Typhoon warplanes."

"In response to a request from our Polish friends, RAF Typhoons are landing in Poland as I speak to support our Nato ally with the growing threat of Russian interference," Shapps said.

He added that "deploying ahead of Poland’s elections, they will be a very powerful way of undeniably showing Putin that this Conservative Government will protect democracy and freedom from any despotic tyrant that threatens our allies."

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