Bringing nature back to the city

The report by the Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index (HUGSI) listed Kraków in 5th place with a score of 76.92 percent. Jan Graczyński

In this episode of The Debrief, the first in a series of interviews on the changing face of Polish cities… To kick off, how can nature and green space be incorporated into the urban wild?

A while back earlier in 2021 we reported that the southern Polish city of Kraków was the fifth greenest city in a global ranking on urban space.

In this first of a series of interviews on the changing face of Polish cities, we ask how do cities become green and what can be done to make them more open to nature.

Host John Beauchamp speaks to Dorota Leśniak-Rychlak, architecture critic and Editor-in-Chief of the Autoportet Quarterly on urban space, as well as Dr Kasper Jakubowski, an expert on the urban jungle and initiator of Dzieci w Naturę, or the ‘Kids Go Nature’ Foundation.

In this week’s review:

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