Brexit deal not rejected, only delayed - PM

Brexit deal not rejected, only delayed - PM Leszek Szymański/PAP

The British House of Commons' Saturday failure to vote on last Thursday's Brexit accord between the EU and Britain does not mean the agreement's rejection by the British side but merely its delay, PM Mateusz Morawiecki tweeted on Saturday.

"Poland receives today's House of Commons (debate - PAP) not as the rejection of the (Brexit - PAP) accord, but a delay in its passage," Morawiecki wrote, adding that Poland was for a "positive" EU approach to the British side's Brexit proposals as the priority was to avoid "a chaotic, no-deal Brexit."

On Thursday EC head Jean-Claude Juncker and British PM Boris Johnson announced that the EU and Britain had reached an agreement concerning Britain's departure from the union.

On Saturday the House of Commons suspended an expected vote on the agreement until it includes additional regulations foreseen by an independent MP's amendment passed earlier by the house.

Under the so-called Benn law the British parliament's failure to back the Brexit agreement or a no-deal Brexit until Saturday will force British PM Boris Johnson to ask Brussels for a Brexit postponement until January 31 2020.

However, later on Saturday Johnson announced that he did not plan to ask for a Brexit postponement and assured that his government will file all documentation necessary for an October 31 Brexit in the coming week.