Poznań woman becomes Poland’s first coronavirus death

A 57-year-old woman has died from coronavirus, becoming Poland’s first fatality. FRIEDEMANN VOGEL/PAP/EPA

A 57-year-old Polish woman infected with coronavirus has died at hospital in the city of Poznań, western Poland.

The woman had been hospitalised earlier this week after contracting the virus. 

This afternoon, deputy mayor of the city Jędrzej Solarski said that the woman who hasn’t been named, had been in critical condition and had also been suffering from severe pneumonia.

She had been breathing with the use of a respiratory and had been in a pharmacological coma. 

The news comes as the number of confirmed cases in Poland has risen to 49. 

The government has now called on people to work from home but added that despite closing all schools, universities and museums, there were no plans as yet to close down shops and shopping malls. 

Government spokesperson Piotr Mueller said on Thursday that due to the spread of the virus, the Polish government was taking necessary steps "faster than recommended by the World health Organisation.”