Brazil most promising partner in South America - Polish deputy FM

Brazil is Poland's largest and most promising partner in this part of the world, Polish Deputy FM Marek Magierowski said during his visit to Sao Paulo, South America’s largest economic and industrial centre.

"Europe is and will remain for us an obvious export and investment direction, but we are trying to ambitiously look at slightly more distant continents," Magierowski was quoted as saying by the Polish Foreign Ministry.

Magierowski's visit to Brazil was dominated by economic relations and cooperation with the local Polish community. The deputy FM visited the seat of the Federation of Industries of Sao Paulo to take part in a meeting devoted to cooperation possibilities in rail and urban transport. Minister Magierowski noted that "there is still a large untapped potential in Polish-Brazilian relations that Poland would like to constructively take advantage of."

During a meeting with representatives of companies involved in the development of Polish-Brazilian cooperation, the Polish minister was acquainted with conditions for the development of business in Brazil. He also met with the president of the SESC traders' association, Abram Szajman, one of the biggest Brazilian entrepreneurs of Polish descent.

Brazil is Poland's most important trade partner in South America. After a 26 percent y/y growth, Polish-Brazilian turnover reached USD 1.6 billion in 2017 and constituted 24.3 percent of Poland's total trade exchange with the entire region. Polish exports to Brazil in 2017 closed at USD 409.1 million (up 13 pct), while imports - USD 1.19 billion.

There are several Polish companies operating in Brazil, including Commander (furniture industry), Selena Group (production of polyurethane foams), Boryszew Group, under the name Maflow do Brasil (automotive parts), eSKY (internet industry), Medcom (railway industry), LUG (lighting industry), Synthos (chemical raw materials) and the Gremi Group (real estate).

Magierowski's visit, ending on May 8, also included meetings with Polish and Jewish milieus in Brazil.

Attending the opening of a Polish consulate in Sao Paulo, headed by Honorary Consul Andrzej Bukowinski, Minister Magierowski expressed trust that the consul's enormous professional experience and his hitherto activities promoting Poland abroad will contribute to the further strengthening of the Polish presence in Sao Paulo.