Book on Poland's September campaign premieres in London

Book on Poland's September campaign premieres in London Press material

A book by British historian Roger Moorhouse entitled 'First to Fight: The Polish War 1939' had its premiere at the Polish embassy in London on Thursday. It tells the story of Poland's resistance during the September campaign.

This is the first English book about the Polish campaign of 1939 written in almost 50 years. The author describes and analyses in detail the atrocities committed by the Germans during the first phase of WWII, rebuts myths regarding September 1939 and assesses the role of Great Britain and France.

As part of the book's promotion, the Polish embassy organised a discussion panel devoted to the importance of the German and Soviet invasions of Poland in 1939, attended by Paul Lay, editor in chief of the 'History Today' magazine, historian Richard Overy and the director of the Pilecki Institute, Wojciech Kozlowski.

Moorhouse said his paramount goal was to tell the story of the campaign in an open and faithful way, free of the myths perpetrated by the aggressors. First and foremost he wanted to restore to Poland its voice of historical narration, which he said had been lost through time and circumstances.

The book 'First to Fight: The Polish War 1939' was put on sale in Britain on Thursday.