Body of migrant found close to Belarusian border

Marcin Onufryjuk/PAP

The body of a young man, probably a migrant attempting to cross into Poland from Belarus, has been found close to the Polish-Belarusian border, a spokesman for the local police announced on Monday.

The discovery of the corpse looks set to bring the total of people who have died in the border zone to five.

The body of the man, a 24-year-old Syrian national, according to his identity documents, was found near the locality of Klimowka, in Podlaskie province, which is an area covered by the state of emergency, Tomasz Krupa said.

The regional prosecutor’s office has started an investigation into his death.

Krupa added that the body had been found on Wednesday during a routine patrol carried out by a police helicopter.

He said that the documents found on the man proved that he had earlier been in Belarus.

"We have found visa documents dated September 15. It seems that the man had entered Belarus in mid-September," the spokesman explained.

Poland has been struggling to stem the flow of Middle Eastern and African migrants crossing into Poland from Belarus. The government says the migrants have been invited to Belarus by Alexander Lukashenko, the country's president, allegedly under the promise they will be able to live in the EU.

The press is barred from entering the area covered by the state of emergency.