Big investments contribute to economic growth, president

The two-day forum is devoted to innovative economic policies. Adam Warżawa/PAP

Large investments are not only the engine of economic growth but also the foundation of future civilisation development, President Andrzej Duda wrote in a letter to participants of the 3rd Development Vision Forum in Gdynia.

In the letter, read out during the forum's Monday opening session, the president welcomed the fact that the event's agenda included the construction of the Central Transportation Port, the building of a channel through the Vistula Spit and prospects for the Polish shipbuilding industry.

"The plan of large investments is part of our programme of building a modern Poland, but also of our regional and European policy," noted Duda.

Poland's great task is to expand economic cooperation in the North-South direction, "from the Balkans to the Baltic states," wrote the president adding that this requires the building of transport and energy infrastructure.

"Today we have a historic chance to build a strong economic foundation for the success of our entire region within the framework of the Three Seas Initiative," stressed the president.

According to Duda, progress in the field of new technologies is a great challenge of the present time. This, wrote the president, refers in particular to data processing, the development of the Internet of Things and new telecommunications systems of which the 5G network is a symbol.

"A modern state must not only implement the best solutions, but also stimulate technological progress, for example through challenges for programmers or financing start-ups," wrote Duda.

The president pointing out that energy security is an extremely important issue, stressed that renewable energy sources will play an increasingly important role in providing such safety.

Noting that offshore wind energy was included in the forum's agenda, the president wrote he is convinced that "this is the right direction for the development of the energy sector in Poland, which in the future will allow us to achieve even greater stability and independence."

The two-day forum is devoted to innovative economic policies.