Biden's Kyiv visit is gesture of support says Polish president's aide


Joe Biden’s visit to Kyiv confirms the US commitment to helping Ukraine in its war against Russia, a Polish presidential aide has said.

The US president paid a surprise visit to the Ukrainian capital on Monday, a day ahead of his scheduled visit to Poland and just days before the first anniversary of Russia's attack on Ukraine.

Biden met Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelensky, and announced a new package of military aid for Ukraine worth USD 500 million, including ammunition for the HIMARS rocket launchers the US had earlier donated to Ukraine.

Marcin Przydacz, head of the Polish president's International Policy Bureau, told PAP on Monday that Biden's visit was "a clear demonstration of US support" in both tangible and symbolic terms.

"By his presence in Kyiv, President Joe Biden has confirmed US involvement in further support for Ukraine and his faith in victory," Przydacz said. "(Polish - PAP) President Andrzej Duda has received this information with huge optimism."

Przydacz also said Poland is satisfied with the news of further US military support for Ukraine.

"We welcome further US declarations of military aid as this brings us significantly closer to peace," Przydacz said. "The sooner Russia understands it needs to withdraw from this war, the better and safer for us all."

Commenting on Poland's expectations of Biden's visit to Warsaw on Tuesday and Wednesday, Przydacz said Poland expected a further strengthening of Nato's eastern flank.

The Duda-Biden talks will focus on ways to deter Russia, the policy of sanctions against Moscow and support for Ukraine, he said.