Biden attending Bucharest Nato summit a sign of US engagement - aide

The participation of President Joe Biden in a summit of countries on Nato’s eastern flank is a sign of the USA’s engagement in the security of the alliance’s eastern border and of transatlantic ties, a Polish presidential official has said.

The summit of the leaders of the 'Bucharest Nine' is being held at the initiative of the Polish and Romanian presidents, Andrzej Duda and Klaus Iohannis, and will involve President Biden and Jens Stoltenberg, the Nato secretary general.

"This meeting is a very important sign of American engagement in the security of the eastern flank and the security of Poland," Krzysztof Szczerski, the head of the International Policy Bureau at the President's Office, told public radio ahead of the summit, which is being held in Bucharest.

"We're meeting within the framework of our eastern flank to give a clear signal of Atlantic ties and it is very good that a sign of Atlantic ties is also confirmed by the American side," Szczerski continued.

He went on to say the summit was evidence of the alliance’s solidarity and the need for defence in the so-called '360 degrees' concept, or from all sides. "We want the next Nato summit to give a clear signal that Nato is ready to defend all its territories within Article 5," he explained.

He noted that talks are scheduled soon between Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, but that the current meeting shows that "the presence of Nato on the eastern flank is not a subject of American-Russian talks."

The meeting is being held in a 'hybrid' format with the Polish and Romanian presidents meeting in person and the remainder taking part online.