Best scenario if British people decide to stay in EU - Polish PM

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told the BBC television in an interview aired on Thursday that it would be the best scenario regarding Brexit if the British people decided to remain in the EU.

Asked whether the re-opening of British-EU negotiations would be a good idea, the Polish prime minister underlined that the talks on the matter are now over.

He emphasised that there was no return at this stage, and added that the decision as to what to do rested now with the chief EU negotiator. He repeated that it would be the best thing if the British people decided that the United Kingdom should continue as an EU member.

He told the BBC in Davos that "the ball is now in Mrs May's court," and added that he believed - like German Chancellor Angela Merkel - that it is necessary to fight for a compromise until the very last moment.

Morawiecki did not agree with the opinion that it could mean the breaking of a common EU position on Brexit.

Asked about Poles returning home from Great Britain, the Polish PM said that "more and more are coming back and I'm pleased about that."

The prime minister stressed that Poland had the lowest level of unemployment and 5.5-percent GDP growth, which was among the highest in Europe. "So I would hope that many Poles would come back to Poland," he said.

But he also emphasised that it was extremely important that Poles who want to stay in the UK should be allowed to, "and be treated exactly as they are now".