Belarusian leader encourages migrants to cross Polish border

The Belarusian president is encouraging migrants to continue trying to get into Poland, a senior Polish security official has claimed.

Stanisław Żaryn, director of the National Security Department, said Alexander Lukashenko urged the migrants to cross the border when he visited them at the warehouse they are staying in at the village of Bruzgi on Friday.

"Today the migrants in the Bremino warehouse in Bruzgi had a propaganda meeting with Alexander Lukashenko. The dictator cynically encouraged them to attack the Polish border and push on towards the West," Żaryn wrote on Twitter.

Żaryn added that the meeting with Lukashenko evolved into "a spectacle of hatred against Poland and the West."

He also added that the crisis could be expected to continue, as more than 10,000 migrants were currently in Belarus who intend to cross the border.

Poland has been struggling to stem a wave of migrants from the Belarusian side of the border for several months now. However, in recent days illegal entry attempts have become much more organised and have involved large numbers of migrants, often aided by Belarusian security services.

Poland, along with Lithuania and Latvia, have blamed the crisis on the Lukashenko regime, which they say is deliberately pushing migrants into their territory in an attempt to destabilise the EU.

The move is seen as retaliation for sanctions imposed on his government by Brussels.