Belarusian border deaths due to hypothermia, says PM

Three people found dead on Polish territory close to the border with Belarus on Sunday died of hypothermia, the Polish prime minister said on Monday.

The three are believed to be migrants who were trying to get into Poland from Belarus. A further eight people, Mateusz Morawiecki added, were rescued from marshland near a river.

"At least three people have died after crossing the Polish-Belarusian border," said the prime minister at a press conference, adding that it appeared they had succumbed to hypothermia. "We try to help all who have crossed the border, we've saved the lives of eight people who were stranded in marshes around the River Suprasl."

He also said that an 500 extra soldiers were being sent to the border.

On Sunday Morawiecki wrote on Facebook that the deaths could be connected to what Poland and the Baltic states have called hybrid attacks on them by Belarus.

Poland and the Baltic countries have accused the Belarusian government of pushing migrants across their borders in an effort to destabilise both them and the EU.

To stop the flow of migrants across its border, Poland has recently erected a fence along its border with Belarus, and declared a state of emergency in some border regions.