Belarus continues hybrid attack, security head says

Stanislaw Zaryn/Twitter

Belarus is continuing its hybrid attacks on Poland by sending Middle Eastern migrants to try and cross the Polish border, the director of the national security department tweeted on Monday.

"Stones, attacks on the Polish borderline, constant instability in the border area - (Belarusian President Aleksander - PAP) Lukashenko's hybrid operation is continuing," wrote Stanislaw Zaryn

He also accused the Belarusian security services of "acting in line with Russia's aggressive, anti-Nato policy."

The crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border began last autumn, when large groups of migrants, mostly from the Middle East, began trying to get into Poland.

Poland has blamed the crisis on the Lukashenko government, accusing it of bringing the refugees to Belarus under promises of easy entry into the EU, and then encouraging them to force their way into Poland.

According to Poland the move is a retaliatory measure for EU sanctions on Belarus.

In recent months Poland has been reinforcing its fence along its border with Belarus in an attempt to stop people getting in.

The Polish border guard reported on Monday that 55 migrants - mostly from Iraq, Turkmenistan, Congo, Egypt and Syria – had attempted to cross into Poland from Belarus in the past 24 hours.