Bank Pekao and Microsoft become strategic partners

Polish Bank Pekao and software giant Microsoft sealed a strategic partnership agreement at the 28th Economic Forum in Krynica (southern Poland) on Tuesday.

The two firms will work together on new digital products addressed chiefly to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Pekao President Michał Krupiński said the bank attached great importance in its strategy to strategic partnerships.

"We are in talks with around 100 potential strategic partners," he commented. "I believe that banking is changing in the direction of creating new solutions, creating new environments for cooperation."

According to the Pekao president, the agreement with Microsoft is important for the bank from the point of view of its clients - it concerns activities and joint initiatives for SMEs. "We are slowly becoming a leading bank when it comes to small and medium-sized firms," Krupiński asserted.

"We also want to very firmly focus on activities in the direction of education about digital technology and (...) addressing the needs of clients who so far have not fully used digital banking services."

He announced that over a dozen concrete projects have already been identified, cautioning that it is still too early to talk about them in detail. He stated that cooperation will bear fruit in a better offer and new products directed to retail clients and SMEs.

Director of the Enterprise Segment at Microsoft Magdalena Taczanowska commented that thanks to cooperation with the company the bank will be able to use the data it possesses to a better degree, "in order to better adapt its offer to clients." In her opinion, the bank's productivity will also improve, as will its clients'.

"This partnership will result in us sharing our know-how in many markets," declared Paweł Jakubik, responsible for digital transformation at Microsoft. "Microsoft, as a global organisation on over 100 markets, supports its clients in digital transformation."