Baltic Pipe's seabed stretch linked to Polish, Danish gas systems

The undersea stretch of the Norway-Poland gas pipeline has been connected to the Danish and Polish gas transfer infrastructure, Poland's pipeline operator, Gaz-System, has announced.

Gaz-System and its Danish counterpart, Energinet, "have carried out a key stage of assembly work on the undersea gas pipeline," the Polish operator said in a Thursday statement.

"Today we can confirm that the undersea section of the Baltic Pipe has become, in technical terms, an element of the domestic transmission system," Gaz-System's president, Tomasz Stepien, was quoted as saying. "Thanks to the investment, we have integrated the Polish and Danish gas networks, creating a new corridor for natural gas supplies to Central and Eastern Europe."

According to Stepien, the Baltic Pipe project will be operational according to schedule, that is on October 1.

The new pipeline will pump gas from the Norwegian shelf through Denmark to Poland. The project is a milestone in Poland's efforts to become fully independent from Russian gas. Baltic Pipe will be capable of carrying 10 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas a year to Poland and 3 bcm from Poland to Denmark.