Atlantic Council reopens Warsaw office

The Washington-based Atlantic Council think-tank reopened its Warsaw bureau in a high-profile ceremony on Tuesday.

"The reopening of the Atlantic Council office in Warsaw comes at a historic moment for Europe and transatlantic relations," said Mark Brzezinski, the US ambassador to Poland.

"We're facing an ordeal as Poland is facing a threat," the ambassador continued. "Russia's aggression in the East reminds us that democracy and freedom are values that have to be fought for and protected together."

In a letter sent to the participants in the ceremony, Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister, said that close cooperation between Nato, the United States and Poland is the appropriate response to Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

"The war in Ukraine has changed everything, which is why we have to rebuild the security architecture in Europe," Morawiecki wrote. "We need more transatlantic cooperation to help Ukraine and to enable Kyiv to exercise its right to self-defence."

Marcin Przydacz, a Polish deputy foreign minister, called the think-tank "a devoted partner of Poland and the transatlantic community."

The Atlantic Council is a non-partisan think-tank which aims to promote US global leadership and cooperation between the US and its partners all over the world.