Around disinformation and artificial intelligence – the 5th Future Media Conference

The 5th Future Media Conference will see international experts discuss the challenges faced by contemporary media in the context of the ongoing information warfare and the growing significance of artificial intelligence.

The idea behind the conference is to discuss how contemporary media are changing and to make an attempt at defining the challenges and opportunities awaiting the information industry. In attendance will be representatives of European news agencies, journalists, NATO experts and AI specialists.

Organised by the Polish Press Agency, the 5th Future Media Conference will take place on 15 June. Follow the online broadcast of the event on and

The first part of the event will focus on disinformation and the impact of fake news on public opinion from different European perspectives. Our guests will take a look at disinformation narratives and the scale of fake news in their respective countries. Most importantly, they will seek to define the role that the media should play in countering disinformation. Are they prepared for the challenge? What have they achieved so far? These are some of the questions that the Conference will address.

NATO experts will talk about the communication challenges in times of information warfare and the impact of Russian disinformation. Moreover, they will discuss potential mechanisms to protect against these information threats.

In the second part, the Conference will explore the subject of artificial intelligence as it increasingly pervades the media landscape. Our experts will try to imagine the media of the future in a world of technological transformation. Should we consider AI an opportunity or a threat? In what way can algorithms help us fight disinformation?

Orlen (strategic partner) and Philip Morris Polska are the official partners of the event.

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