Army must be strong to prevent repeat of WWII says defence minister

Mariusz Błaszczak: no one will give their lives for Poland if we are not ready to do so Wojciech Jargiło/PAP

Poland's minister of defence has said that Poland is strengthening its armed forces so that the tragedy of World War II, which started 84 years ago on Friday, will never happen again.

Mariusz Blaszczak, speaking at commemorations marking the 84th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II in the eastern city of Frampol, said that "in 1939, we expected support from our allies. We were left alone, but we draw conclusions from these events. Today, we are strengthening the Polish Army. We are aware that no one will give their lives for Poland if we are not ready to do so."

"We are creating new military units, we are restructuring, for example, the Zamosc Garrison with the Anti-Aircraft Regiment," he said.

Blaszczak also thanked those who had signed up for voluntary military service and to the Territorial Defence Forces (WOT).

"We are strengthening the Polish Army to deter the aggressor, so that the aggressor does not attack Poland. This is the doctrine of deterrence. This is precisely the action related to what, in turn, brings about the increase in the numbers of our army, which also brings about the equipping of the army with modern weapons," Blaszczak said.

"We are strengthening the Polish Army so that the tragedy that took place 84 years ago will never happen again," he said.

Frampol was one of the most damaged Polish cities during World War II. On September 13, 1939, German planes bombed the city, destroying over 80 percent of the buildings.

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