App that brings people together for love, parties, sport and much more looks to expand

HeyWay want to get 10,000 users in Warsaw.

An app that can bring people together for anything from a date to a cycle ride is aiming to increase its user numbers and reach into other markets.

HeyWay, which takes its name from the word “hey”, currently has about 1,200 active users but is looking to expand to 10,000 users in Warsaw.

The application offers users the chance to create events in six categories; date, party, sports, culture, trip, short notice or spontaneous and something else. The user can then choose if the events are created for a group, two individuals or two pairs. 

The option for finding other players or participants for sporting events from outside your social network gives the application an advantage over the likes of Facebook or websites that are based on ads or forums.

 “On the market most meeting apps are dating apps like Tinder, which are only focused on the date but in real life it doesn’t work like this,” Karol Wegner, co-owner of HeyWay told TFN. “In real life you change jobs, go running, go for a bike ride or even go to a party and meet new people who you can then develop a relationship with.”

Karol Wegner, co-owner of HeyWay.Kalbar/TFN

It is easy on Facebook to create social events and promote them to people within your social circles and to friends of friends but they are less accessible to people located within a geographical area. Security concerns about personal data have also led users to be wary of Facebook recently while forums that allows users anonymity facilitate misuse and deception.

But HeyWay hopes to avoid these problems.

 “You can create the group event and people bring their friends, you get to know each other, and after the event you can continue to develop your relationship,” Wegner told TFN. “If you are playing a sport like volleyball or basketball, one person invites you to the game and then you know, or can meet, all the other players and develop your network.” 

'On the market most meeting apps are dating apps like Tinder, which are only focused on the date but in real life it doesn’t work like this,' says Wegner.Kalbar/TFN

 The double date option is one feature that increases the safety of users. If a person matches on Tinder they usually go alone to meet their match, not knowing much about them. On HeyWay the users can agree to meet up in pairs to help those who are shy. There is also an option to anonymously report users who do not follow the terms and conditions of the application.

 “When we created HeyWay we thought you’d be able to do everything, invite people to all kinds of things but as a start-up, after doing testing and getting feedback we realised we need to be laser focused,” Wegner continued. “We started to look for the low hanging fruits and this is dating, but served in a different way. We want to encourage people to being active at sport, parties etc. anything other than just a simple date. We know that the biggest need of our users is finding a companion, maybe love.”