08/09/2018 Saturday

Adopt a homeless dog

2017, Adoptuj Warszawiaka Rafał Guz/PAP

Many people think that homeless animals, which have lived in shelters since birth, cannot adapt to normal life outside the shelter. A Warsaw-based animal shelter proves that assumption wrong.

When: 8 September 2018

Where: Warsaw, Podzamcze

What to expect: This Saturday, on the streets of Warsaw, you can meet dogs from the animal shelter „Na Paluchu”. The shelter will provide information about adoption, how to help homeless animals, volunteering and will conduct a quiz. As part of the "Adoptuj Warszawiaka" campaign, there will be volunteers with dogs from the shelter. How to recognize them in the crowd? Look for purple t-shirts!

Ticket: Free admission

Website: http://www.napaluchu.waw.pl/