Amendment compensating farmers to be filed on Oct. 13 - ruling party

Referring to amendments to an animal protection bill, head of the PiS parliamentary caucus Ryszard Terlecki told reporters on Friday that there were plans to compensate ritual meat producers after the law has come into effect.

Terlecki added that this would not be a single payment.

A ruling Law and Justice (PiS) MP announced during the same press conference that an amendment compensating farmers for their losses caused by a new animal protection bill will be filed on October 13.

Marek Martynowski declared that this will be full compensation, and added that work was being carried out to prepare the amendment, which would be filed on October 13.

Terlecki stated that this was good news, which should calm down those who had presented the bill as harmful to farmers and producers. He expressed his hope that the amendment will at least partially solve these problems, or maybe even completely.

Asked if compensation would be paid out to all ritual meat producers, Terlecki answered that, at the moment, payments are planned for meat producers. He also stated that it will not be a single payment, but that it will be spread out probably within two or three years after the new law has come into force.

Referring to former agriculture minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, who voted against the bill in the Sejm (lower house), Terlecki admitted that Ardanowski had some reservations about the bill but declared him to be loyal towards the caucus and said he would remain a member.

Deputy Senate Speaker Marek Pek (PiS) appealed to ruling party senators to show loyalty and recalled that party discipline was what they were to follow.

The Sejm amended a bill, authored by ruling party Law and Justice (PiS), which introduces a full ban on fur breeding, with the exception of rabbits. The ban is to come into effect 12 months after it has been published.

Under the adopted amendments, ritual slaughter of animals is to be permitted only for the needs of national religious associations. All regulations regarding ritual slaughter are to be defined by the agriculture minister in agreement with the interior minister. Ritual slaughter companies will be entitled to state budget compensation for their losses.

The amended bill also forbids the use of animals in entertainment, including circuses. Also foreseen are stricter controls of animal shelters and the establishment of a council for animal affairs.

The amended bill is to come into effect 30 days after it is published, except for the ban on fur breeding, which is to come into life 12 months after it has been published, and except for a ban on permanently keeping household animals on a chain, which is to come into force six months after its publication.

Out of 229 members of the ruling United Right coalition comprising Law and Justice (PiS) and the Solidary Poland and Agreement parties, 176 PiS MPs supported the amended bill. In all, 38 PiS caucus members voted against, including all MPs of Solidary Poland and two members of Agreement. Fifteen Agreement members abstained from voting. Fifteen PiS members were suspended after the vote.

The Senate (upper house) is expected to debate the bill on October 13.