Ambassador declares US will deploy more troops in Poland

US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher announced in an interview with the Financial Times on Wednesday that "the US plans to significantly increase its troop numbers in Poland as the Trump administration ratchets up its engagement in Central Europe."

Georgette Mosbacher, who took office as US ambassador to Poland last year, declared that the US contingent, which now consists of 4,000 troops, would increase but did not reveal whether a permanent base would be established.

"But in terms of a presence that is undeniable and a large number of American troops here, that's a given. And I think [the Poles are] going to get most of what they want," the ambassador said.

Asked by the daily whether the increase in the number of troops would run into hundreds or thousands, Ambassador Mosbacher answered that "it will be significant." "It passes the hundred mark, the hundreds mark," she added.

The ambassador told the daily that Poland's willingness to play a role in the strengthening of European defence mechanisms was of key importance to Polish-US relations. "The Poles are an important ally. They are investing their 2 percent (of GDP in defence) without even coaxing," the diplomat underlined, emphasising that Poland was ready for a USD 40 billion modernisation of its army.

The diplomat stressed that other countries, also asked to increase their defence spending, often complained about the proposal. "But the Poles are not. And that does not go unnoticed. So when it comes to an enduring presence here, I think they will be rewarded," she concluded.