Amazon opens its third development centre in Poland


Amazon, an American multinational technology company, opened a new development centre in Kraków, southern Poland, on Tuesday.

This is the third development centre opened by Amazon in Poland, after those in Gdańsk, northern Poland, and the capital city of Warsaw.

The centre will focus on the development of innovative global products and services, such as the Alexa (virtual assistant technology – PAP) Text-To-Speech project, cloud computing, and Ring Device hardware and software.

The Kraków-based Amazon Development Centre currently employs 50 people. In the coming years, their number will exceed 200.

According to Lucyna Chwatowska, the director responsible for the global development of the Alexa Text-To-Speech, Kraków is one of the fastest and most-dynamically developing cities in the field of technology, both in Europe and worldwide.

Amazon entered Poland in 2014. It now operates ten logistics centres, and its total employment in Poland exceeds 23,000.

According to the American Chamber of Commerce, Amazon, in 2020, was the US biggest employer in Poland, and the third largest US investor.