Almost half of Poles oppose taking in refugees - poll

The Polish public are divided over whether to accept refugees fleeing war, with 48 percent of respondents to a recent poll opposed to it and 41 percent in favour.

The survey, conducted by CBOS, also showed that of the 41 percent favouring acceptance of refugees, the majority (33 percent) believe they should be granted shelter only until they can return to their own countries while the remaining 9 percent believe they should be allowed to settle in Poland.

Compared to similar research conducted three years ago, Poles' attitudes towards refugees has warmed, CBOS, observed, with fewer people reluctant to accept them and more willing to grant haven both temporarily and permanently.

The research also showed that attitudes towards Middle Eastern, African and Afghan migrants currently camped on the Polish-Belarusian border were more negative than towards refugees in general. CBOS said this was due to the perception that the Belarusian authorities had been facilitating their border-crossing attempts.

Only one in three Poles (33 percent) believed that migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border should be permitted to seek asylum in Poland with 52 percent expressing the opposite opinion.

Of those surveyed, 77 percent supported tighter controls on the country's border with Belarus with only 14 percent considering it unnecessary.

CBOS conducted the poll on September 6-16, 2021, in a mixed-mode procedure on a sample of 1,218 people.