Almost half of Poles back ruling party-Left alliance on EU recovery fund

A poll for the portal reveals that 42 percent of Poles support the recent alliance of the ruling party Law and Justice and The Left grouping in a vote on the ratification of the EU's Recovery Fund to aid pandemic-affected economies of EU member states.

Twenty-five percent of the pollees criticised the PiS alliance with The Left.

Moreover, forty-five percent criticised the major opposition grouping Civic Coalition for abstaining from the vote while 18 percent praised it.

The PiS voting alliance with The Left was backed by 84 percent of United Right supporters (2 percent against), 18 percent of Civic Coalition voters (54 percent against) and 38 percent of followers of the new opposition grouping Poland 2050 (34 percent against).

Praise for the Civic Coalition's decision was voiced by 9 percent of United Right backers and 52 percent of Civic Coalition voters (respectively 78 and 17 percent against), as well as 19 percent of Poland 2050 supporters (44 percent against).

The Polish lower house of parliament on Tuesday ratified the European Union's EUR 750 billion Recovery Fund aimed to prop up European economies battered by the coronavirus crisis.

The ruling United Right camp had to strike an agreement with opposition party The Left, to win the vote as one of United Right's partners, the nationalist Solidary Poland, refused to endorse the fund, citing sovereignty concerns, and voted against it.

The computer-assisted survey was carried out on May 7-10 on a random sample of 1,073 Poles by the Social Changes pollster.