Almost all of Poland's permanent residents are Polish citizens - GUS

Rafał Guz/PAP

Among the permanent residents of Poland, 99.7 percent, or 37.9 million people, are Polish citizens, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported in the preliminary results of the 2021 National Census.

According to preliminary data from the National Census, which GUS published on Monday, 99.7 percent of the permanent residents of Poland (37,923,900 people) are citizens of the country. This figure remains at a similar level to the previous census taken in 2011, when the number stood at 99.8 percent.

In turn, the number of people with the citizenship of another country, in 2021, amounted to 111,800 (0.3 percent). This is a two-fold increase compared to 2011, when the number amounted to 55,400 (0.1 percent).

Most residents who do not hold Polish citizenship are Ukrainian nationals (47.4 percent), "compared to 2011, their number has almost quadrupled - from 13,400 to 53,000," the statistics office noted.

The second highest grouping, after Ukrainians, are the citizens of Belarus (16.6 percent), whose number, compared to 2011, has increased almost fivefold (from 3,800 to 18,600).

Citizens of other EU countries make up 13.9 percent of foreigners permanently residing in Poland (15,500 people).

Less than 100 people identified themselves as stateless. "Thanks to the use of data from administrative sources, it was not possible to establish citizenship only for a very small number of people (300 in 2021 against 8,800 in 2011)," the office reported.

The preliminary results for 2021 also showed that 97.9 percent of permanent residents were born in Poland (37,271,000 people). Two percent were born outside of Poland (748,000).

The country of birth of 17,000 people could not be established.

"Just over 98 percent of the population of Poland are people with Polish citizenship born in Poland. The number of Poles born abroad is 645,000. Among these people there are also those who acquired Polish citizenship other than by birth (granted to them on the basis of consent by an authorised state authority, after meeting conditions required by law)," GUS reported.