Almost 50 percent of Poles believe military growth adds to security

Tomasz Waszczuk/PAP

A Friday published survey conducted by the IBRiS pollster for the Rzeczpospolita daily shows that 48.1 percent of Poles believe the purchasing of weapons and increasing the number of soldiers will improve Poland's military security.

Forty three percent of respondents hold the opposite opinion. According to them, more weapons and soldiers are insufficient actions to increase Poland’s security. The remaining 8.6 percent answered that they do not know.

The daily indicates that the acceptance of limiting the issue of state security only to the number of military personnel and large purchases of arms is supported mainly by followers of the ruling camp (90 percent), while supporters of the opposition (56 percent) think otherwise.

Among people with unspecified electoral preferences, the division of opinions is almost equal - 40 percent are in favour and 42 percent against.