Agri minister will consult with EU members over grain tariff motion

Poland's agriculture minister will consult with his counterparts in the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia regarding a joint motion to the EU to revise customs tariffs on Ukrainian grain.

Robert Telus, who discussed the issue with agriculture unionists from the four countries in Rakolupy, southern Poland, on Tuesday, said the motion's aim will be to "have these products (Ukrainian grain - PAP) distributed more evenly" among the EU states.

"We can't have a situation where only some countries, those who are closest, help and carry the costs of this help, while other countries carry no costs," Telus told reporters.

Polish farmers have been protesting against broad-scale imports of Ukrainian grain. The grain, whose transit through Poland to foreign sales markets was allowed by Warsaw after Ukraine's export possibilities dwindled due to the country's invasion by Russia, has largely remained in Poland, upsetting the domestic grain market due to its much lower price.

The situation has evoked hefty protests by Polish farmers, who are now unable to sell their grain.