Agreement signed on joint Polish-Japanese nuclear technology research

Prof. Tatsuya Okubo, dean of the School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, and Prof. Krzysztof Kurek, director of the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) signed an academic exchange agreement between the two institutions, in Warsaw, on Monday.

The agreement was signed during a Polish-Japanese seminar on high-temperature reactor technology. It was organised by the NCBJ together with the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency, in cooperation with the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology, and the Polish Ministry of Energy.

The five-year agreement period will provide an opportunity for: the exchange of researchers, students and administrative staff; joint research initiatives; the organisation of lectures and seminars; and the exchange of scientific information.

"NCBJ is striving to establish research contacts with all of the leading research institutions in Europe, America and Asia," said Prof. Kurek. "Belonging to this group, without a doubt, are our partners from Tokyo, with whom we have signed the agreement today. We hope that, as with our other international partners, cooperation will bring about tangible results for both sides. We’d like to take advantage of Japanese experience to educate our PhD students. We also plan on undertaking joint research projects and utilising the Japanese infrastructure, as well as benefitting from the unique opportunity offered by the NCBJ’s research reactor 'Maria' (currently the sole research nuclear reactor operated in Poland – PAP)."