Adorable bald guinea pig is internet ‘pet-lebrity’ with 200k-plus fans

Adorable Ludwik is a 'skinny guinea pig', a special hairless breed of guinea pig. Ludwik Guinea Pig/Facebook

A bald guinea pig from Warsaw has become an Instagram sensation after stealing the hearts of over 200,000 fans.

Quirky snaps showing the hairless Ludwik posing with his favourite foods, dressed as a variety of characters and holding up signs has seen the adorable four-year-old’s popularity soar to an astonishing 275,000 followers, with an additional 40,000 on Facebook. Ludwik Guinea Pig/Facebook

The social media star’s rise to fame began after owner Agata Nowacka rescued poorly Ludwik in 2015 from what she called 'a very bad pet store.'Agata Nowacka/Facebook

Finding him suffering from weight loss, pneumonia, a fungal infection and conjunctivitis, Agata lovingly nursed the ‘skinny pig’ back to health. Ludwik Guinea Pig/Facebook

Now Ludwik uses his fame to promote positive messages and encourage his followers to support good causes such as adopting animals or using cruelty free products. Ludwik Guinea Pig/Facebook

Ludwik fully embraces the ‘no hair, don’t care’ lifestyle’. Ludwik Guinea Pig/Facebook