About 200,000 children from Ukraine in Polish education system

Lech Muszyński/PAP

Around 200,000 refugee children from Ukraine have been absorbed into the Polish education system, the country’s deputy education minister said on Wednesday.

"The situation has stabilised in Poland... we have about 200,000 schoolchildren (from Ukraine), a similar number to that at the peak of the last (school - PAP ) year, around May 15, Tomasz Rzymkowski told a state-owned TV broadcaster.

He said that in relation to the previous school year, more Ukrainian pupils attend mixed classes with Polish peers because they have already learnt the Polish language and the number of those willing to attend preparatory classes has decreased.

According to Rzymkowski, less than 8 percent of Ukrainian children in Polish primary schools attend preparatory classes. "In secondary schools this number is still quite high, almost 50 percent, but significantly down from over 75 percent at the beginning," he said.

Rzymkowski also said that about another 200,000 Ukrainian children living in Poland are participating in Ukrainian remote learning.