About 1,400 sewage outlets along Polish rivers without legal permits

Around 1,400 outlets discharging sewage into Polish rivers operate without a legal permit, the acting director of the body charged with water management in Poland has said.

Of these, 282 are found on the Odra, the river recently hit by a pollution spill that killed thousands of fish and other aquatic life.

Krzysztof Wos told a press conference on Tuesday that, since 2021, Polish Waters had been working on identifying and monitoring all of the sewage outlets located along Poland's rivers.

"We've verified and inspected over 17,000 outlets of this type, and about 1,400 of them do not have a valid legal permit to discharge wastewaters," he said. "When it comes to the River Odra, we confirmed 282 such cases."

He added that Polish Waters has trying to establish ownership of these outlets.

"In 57 instances, matters were reported to the police," he said.

More than 100 tonnes of dead fish have been removed from Poland's second longest river since the River Odra's pollution issue first came to light in late July. The cause of the mass deaths is still being investigated.