A strong Poland means a stronger America, US ambassador-designate says

Poland and the US have been friends and allies for over 240 years, designated US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher said on Thursday in an online videotaped statement. Mosbacher said that a strong and safe Poland meant a stronger America.

Mosbacher said she felt honoured to be the US ambassador to Poland, and stressed that she will assume her office in an "exceptional" year, which marked Poland's independence centenary.

"This is an exceptional year. It is the year of the hundredth anniversary of regaining independence by Poland," Mosbacher said, adding that she "was happy that the United States can celebrate this magnificent anniversary with the Poles."

Mosbacher reminded about the long-year friendship between her country and Poland, and assured that today the US and Poland were "the closest friends and allies." She also underscored Poland's strong position in NATO, and observed that stability and security in Poland strengthened the US.

"Poland and the United States have been friends and allies for over 240 years, and today we are also the closest friends and allies. A strong and safe Poland means a stronger America," Mosbacher declared, adding that Poland was a leader in the NATO alliance and that the US was content with its close defence cooperation with Warsaw.

Mosbacher pointed to the importance of economic ties between the US and Poland, and said she wanted to meet US enterprisers operating in Poland to discuss trade and investment openings.

At the close of her statement, Mosbacher said that she was looking forward to her mission in Poland and meetings with "its wonderful inhabitants, culture and history."

Mosbacher will replace current US Ambassador in Poland Paul W. Jones, whose term expires in September. She will be the first women to serve as US ambassador to Poland.

Georgette Mosbacher is a US enterpriser, since 1992 head of the Georgette Mosbacher Enterprises consultancy. From 2001 to 2005 she was CEO of the New York-based Borghese Inc. cosmetics manufacturer. Mosbacher is also known for her charity work and political involvement, among others she co-chaired the Financial Commission of the US Republic Party's National Committee and was the first woman to chair the party's Governors' Association.