Tasty result: Polish chef gets Michelin praise

Ambassador of Polish cuisine, Damian is a rising star in the UK with his daring dishes Damian Wawrzyniak/Instagram

The Polish expat chef extraordinaire Damian Wawrzyniak has secured a mention in the Michelin Guide for his unique UK twist on Polish cuisine.

Wawrzyniak's eatery, the House of Feasts, in Peterborough, near Cambridge, has been singled out for its modern take on traditional Polish favourites, like pierogi and beef tartare.

The Michelin Guide tweeted the news with a photo of two of Wawrzyniak’s signature dishes: Atlantic herring cured two ways and a hearty lard with pickles and activated charcoal sourdough bread.

Wawrzyniak thanked the Michelin Guide, later writing: “Polish Food is on [a] culinary renaissance...old flavours are now new to many. Original recipes and great taste speaks volume.”

The Polish-born chef is a rising star in the UK restaurant scene. He cut his teeth at Copenhagen’s Noma and has worked with the likes of Jamie Oliver and UK darling Mary Berry, but despite his celeb credentials he has tried to stay true to his roots.

Michelin Guide star Damian describes himself as a ‘food architect’.

The House of Feasts menu, for example, features a Polish palate geared towards the cured and stodgy, with beetroot, pickles and dumplings taking pride of place.

The Central European flavours accompany more recognisable modern dishes like pork belly, fennel and orange and soy reduction.

Wawrzyniak has previously said that his intention in cooking was to “challenge the idea that Polish food is all cabbage and schnitzel”.

His efforts have so far earned him a spot in the Top 10 Food Pioneer by the BBC, which honours different culinary traditions in the UK, and a Knights Cross Award which he received from Polish president Andrzej Duda in May.